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  • Enhance the unboxing experience with a touch of personalization using Flexocraft’s Custom Printed Tissue Paper. Offering a delicate and sophisticated canvas for your branding, this tissue paper transforms every product reveal into an unforgettable moment of delight.

  • Features +

  • Our tissue paper boasts of premium quality, ensuring a soft yet sturdy feel. The custom printing technology we employ delivers vivid and detailed prints, making it perfect for wrapping, cushioning, or simply adding an aesthetic touch to your packages. Moreover, its eco-friendly composition resonates with brands that prioritize sustainability, making it an excellent choice for both aesthetics and the environment.


With robust in-house design
and engineering infrastructure,
Flexocraft brings every client’s
vision to life. Carrying a library
with thousands of available
designs, and offering highly-
detailed custom mock-ups and templates, the team will not rest
until you are ready to hit print.


Flexocraft state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across the globe boast industry-leading capabilities, providing clients control over production and timelines. From sturdy to flexible and reusable to disposable, we exclusively source our own high-quality materials to bring your order home.


A company-wide commitment to the environment has propelled us to build eco-conscious plants where we produce items that are good for our clients and good for the world. Among others, our product list includes 100% biodegradable packaging and reusable bags that minimize our impact on nature.


We pace the global manufacturing scene with the highest ratings and accreditation for quality and safety. We are rated safe for food according to the GFSI-standards and our facilities meet ISO 9001 highest standards. Every product undergoes third party quality-control inspections, with reports available upon request.

Hear it from
those who know.

"Ever since we partnered with Flexocraft for our packaging solutions, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Their products not only elevate our brand's presentation but truly reflect our commitment to quality and sustainability."
Sophia Green CEO, Green Elegance Stores