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We press to impress.

At Flexocraft, we work hard to make you look good. It’s a simple promise that governs our entire thought process. Because ever since Flexocraft was founded in 1978 as a custom print house for the textile and gift-wrapping markets, we have always put our customers front and center. After all, we understand that the image we craft is the brand they will proudly represent going forward.

Our company has evolved over the years to grow into a full-service supplier of complete packaging solutions to many chain and department stores. These include items like carrier bags, gift boxes, garment bags, giftwrap, printed tissue, ribbons, bows, gift cards, decorative accessories, gift bags, jewelry boxes, as well as other specialty packaging concepts. As a matter of fact, some clients consider us their best-kept secret, as we remain the OEM behind many well-known high-end regional and national distributors.

Flexocraft’s USA headquarters is where most of the creative magic happens. Located in Harrison, New Jersey, it encapsulates our production floor as well as our fully staffed creative department. This is where we sport the capabilities to work closely with our clients’ marketing departments in developing full packaging programs. We also work with a variety of factories overseas that each specializes in their unique product production processes. We credit this strategic combination of manufacturing capabilities along with a time-tested staff as being the propellant of our competitive status while producing truly superior products.

Over the years, we’ve learned to contend with customers that may be faced with shrinking annual budgets. We don’t believe that fluctuations in allotted resources should necessarily constrain packing solutions, and neither should customers deny themselves upgraded products due to limitations in existing budgets. Instead, we bring incredible value by working closely with clients’ purchasing departments. Our creative and technical teams have in many cases been able to arrive at ingenious solutions to exceed customer expectations on every front.

This steadfast approach is the underpinning of our strong relationships with our business associates. It helps nurture a loyal partnership based on integrity and the pursuit of mutual benefits for our customers and suppliers. Coupled to our dependable sales support team and a well-synchronized distribution operation, Flexocraft has rightfully earned its name for quality and service at competitive pricing. It is plain to see why we have been awarded quality and technical achievements year after year.

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