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We’re flexible. Quality is not.

Flexocraft has been heralded as a pioneering force in the packaging industry thanks to the effective implementation of quality principles, concepts and technologies that yield a final product worthy of the most prominent industries and consumers. Needless to say, we are proud of this consideration and are first to follow in our own leading footsteps.

Outstanding quality is of prime importance to every employee bearing the Flexocraft crest. Each enthusiastic team member harbors the zeal to not only fulfill our clients’ needs, but to also earn their lifelong business. This is self evident in every single stage from customer acquisition to product delivery: From product conception, to design, to manufacturing, all the way through to mass production, our quality control system is practiced to ensure product excellence. We maintain an ever-attentive team of quality inspectors to keep strict vigilance over the entire process from the purchase of raw materials, pre-press, production, packaging, labeling, shipping and delivery. Each shipment is meticulously checked following strict guidelines to maintain effective quality control that leaves no room for shortcomings.

The philosophy that quality and timely delivery should be one and the same is behind the Flexocraft’s decades-long success. We propone that in many ways including the following:

By providing our employees with a safe, healthy and motivational environment to work in, we encourage them to enhance their personal and professional potential by working collectively as a team. We also provide them periodic training in tune with the latest market trends, encouraging them to implement industry-leading quality control standards.

Sample Testing
Our customers deserve a final product that fits their needs like a glove. Whenever possible, we present final samples for customer approval, thus ensuring final production to be in accordance with every last requested detail. We also conduct independent lab testing on elements like durability and locale code before final delivery to the client.

Factory Standards
We don’t differentiae between our facilities and those of our production partners. Every factory must prove high levels of excellence to find its place under the Flexocraft umbrella. Thus, our continuous efforts towards outstanding packaging products translate into ISO 9000 certified factories that follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

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