Our Story

Research the origins of Flexocraft and you’ll
discover generations of retail packagers.

In 1916, our great-grandfather, Mendel Klein, opened a department store in Vienna, Austria. Not satisfied with the quality of bags his customers carried out of his store, he started constructing and printing his own bags.

Customers would come in for goods and always comment on the quality of the bags. Mendel taught his print and bag making secrets to his son, Joel.

Joel was set to take over the family store when the Nazi’s invaded Austria and our family was pulled from their store and forced into a concentration camp.

Our family was one of the fortunate ones. They were able to survive the Holocaust and sail to America when the war ended.

After arriving in America, our father, Mendel Klein taught the family secrets of print and bag making. He adhered to the same level of quality and determination our great-grandfather instilled.

Our father bought his first printing press in 1968 and began printing garments. He eventually started making and printing bags, boxes, and gift-wrapping. In fact, The New York Times did a story on our father titled, “Enough Gift Wrap to Wrap the World.” This eventually led to the start of what we know today as, Flexocraft.

Our First Craftshouse

Since 1916, from pigment color for perfect printing to the precision needed to construct the perfect bag, there hasn’t been much we haven’t seen. The hands of knowledge, determination and true craftsmanship have been handed down to us through the generations.

We owe our precision and excellence to those who have taught, trained and came before us.

To us, Flexocraft is not just a name we have to uphold, it’s our heritage. One we believe Joel and both Mendel Klein’s would be proud of.